Hello everybody, and welcome to Propecy, your CMS, CRM, a Real Estate website, and CRM, all integrated.

You can have as many users and clients in your CRM as many properties on your website, and it won’t cost you a single penny more ever. There are no monthly charges. This solution is an all-in-one non-stop shop for realtors.

So let’s have a quick look around. We have here the usual search parameters we think we’ve included what most people want, buy or rent, the region, the city, minimum, maximum prices, you can set this to dollars or pounds or whichever currency you choose.

Your users can choose the minimum amount of beds, one or more, two or more, whatever their needs are.

Minimum land search is helpful, especially in rural areas.

Search by property reference and also by property types are all included. Below the primary search area, the search results will be ordered in columns depending upon the user’s choices. Your users can then order them by price, newest, oldest, or area size.

To create an account is very simple. Your users fill in the fields

It’s very standard, and they get an email with activation, so let’s sign in and look at the back end. Just enter an email and password, and the dashboard is displayed.

So here we have the basic dashboard down. Here is where you do all your

setting up. We’ll go into that in many other videos. In the top bar, you can switch back to your website. Once there, you can click manage to go back to the dashboard. Also, in the top bar of the dashboard, you can switch to CRM.

Here is where you store your contacts, leads, events and tasks. You can also set your preferences and setup, which we will discuss in later videos.

So that is the property website and CRM. It can, of course, look how you

want it to look, we do have a couple of ready-made looks or skins that come with the package, but there’s custom work available if they are not to your liking.

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