Adding a Page

Welcome back to Propecy and how to set up informational pages; these pages are essential if you want to give your users various types of information about your company or perhaps the local area where you are advertising properties. They are also pages when well written that can attract links from other websites, which will boost your SEO.

From the left sidebar, click the link Add/Edit Pages

You will then see a button in the top right corner of the page called “New”.

Click this button, and you will see eight different fields:

Page Title: Enter an SEO friendly title here, such as the town’s name, or you might want to write about How To Get Planning Permission in Your Area.

Page Slug: your-url-will-be-created-from-this-so-it-needs-to-be-written-in-this-way

Keyword: This adds keywords into your meta tags.

Description: This adds a short description to your meta tags.

Parent Page: A parent page displays directly in the main menu. If you want child pages, they will drop below the parent in the menu.

Language: Select the article language.

Show In Top menu: Click the checkbox to add to the top menu.

Show In Bottom Menu: Click the checkbox to add to the bottom menu.

Content: A full WYSIWYG editor is available, or you can choose source code to add your own HTML.

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