1. Hello everybody, and welcome back to propesy. Today we’re going to have a look at system settings. We have covered signing in on a previous video, so let’s dive straight into the dashboard.

You’ll find most of the controls down here in the left sidebar.

Click System settings and look at personalization first. Here

you can choose your logo; you can see that the propesy logo is here you can remove that and add your own.

Home banner title: This text will appear in specific themes if you have selected photos for locations.

Tagline: Whichever you choose as your company tagline here, you can add a body of text which will show up above the search results on the front page.

About Us: This should be a short text as it goes in the footer area.

Contact us: details such as your e-mail address and telephone number.

Listing plans title: you can set up different listing plans; you can title it here and put in your text here describing what your listing plan is and what it costs.

  1. Back to system settings, and we can look at payment providers. Here you put your PayPal e-mail and enable the PayPal function. You can also enable wire transfer. You can also set a number of hours that the system will reject the property if payment is not received.

Return to system settings and select General.

Website title: You would typically put your most commonly used search term if you are hoping for SEO organic traffic or a simple welcome message.

Website type: Choose between rent, sell or both depending on which functions you want the website to do.

Default currency: All major world currencies are installed

select which one you want.

Users can add properties: This is a simple yes or no if you are charging people to add properties to your website, then select yes. If it is, agents choose only no.

Discounts after (days): This allows users to discount their properties after the required days.

Area unit: Choose between square meters or square feet.

Temperature unit:  Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Google Analytics ID:  Put your google analytics id in here.

  1. Property activation:  Set whether property activation is automatic or manual; this is especially useful if users add their properties.

Meta keywords: Although most search engines no longer use meta keywords, you can still add meta keywords to your site.

Meta description: As above, you can add a meta description. Some search engines will use this to create an advert for your page.

Maintenance mode: If you need to take the site down, this will display a reason.

Maintenance reason: You can add the text you wish to display when your site is down.

Back in the system settings, click the Visual link:

Default map type: You can have hybrid, roadmap, satellite or terrain.

Site language: You can select the default language for the website at the moment, we have English, French and Portuguese, but we will add Spanish before we launch this project.

Items per page: This controls how many listings show in search results; you can choose up to 50, but page load speed is essential.

Template: This enables you to choose between the different looks included in the bundle.

Show weather widget: choose whether or not you display the weather widget.

Show only marked benefits: When selected, this will only show the Facilities and Suitables related to any listing.

Cache duration (mins): 0 Disables the cache. You should keep this under 20 minutes.

  1. Default search: You can choose your priority if your website is to sell or rent properties. When users arrive on the home page, they will see whichever option you select here.

News per page: News is an elementary blog section, and you can choose how many entries show up on the page.

Default map zoom: Users can use zoom with the maps, but this will set the default zoom, experiment and see what will work best.

Show similar properties: When enabled, this will show similar properties to the one the user has selected. Any similar properties will display at the bottom of the page.

Show listing plans page: This will add a menu item to access the listing plans.

Show news page: Adds a menu item on the main navigation bar to the news page.

Enable parent pages: Whether you want the parent link in the main menu to be an active link or if you choose to make only child links active.

Home Page Property : 

Google Maps key: Enter your Google Maps API KEY.

Testimonials: select if you want testimonials in the main menu.

5. Still in System Settings, now click the Date link.

Time zone: Set this to where you are in the world.

Date format: Leave this alone unless you are a technician.

Date picker format: Select which date format you prefer.

Still in System Settings, now click the Contacting link.

System e-mail address: All system e-mails will originate from this address. If left blank, it will be sent from noreply@yourwebsite.com.

Admin e-mail address: All e-mails sent from the contact page will go to this address.

Contact for all properties: If set to yes, admin contact details will be shown to the user. Only after confirmation will the user be given the owner’s details.

Enable ReCaptcha: Choose if you wish to use ReCaptcha (recommended).

ReCaptcha site key: Enter the public key you got from ReCaptcha.

6. Still in System Settings, now click the Social link.

Facebook link: Link to your Facebook page.

Twitter link: Link to your Twitter account.

Enable reviews: Choose whether you allow reviews.

Engine ID: Your Livefyre or Disqus identifier

Facebook APP ID: You need to enter your public no here

Facebook APP secret: Your secret Facebook API no; goes here.

Still in System Settings, now click the Finance link.

Enable payments: You need to enable payments if you wish users to make payments on your website.

Property listing price: Enter the amount you wish to charge for listing; it will be in the currency you set on the General page.

Featured promotion price: This is for the front page and top of search promotion the price is per day. Set to 0 to disable.

Max. Featured properties: Set the maximum amount of featured properties.

Booking deposit: Set as a percentage; this is the website owner’s profit.

Enable bookings: Choose yes to allow instant bookings; if you select no, users will not be able to book rentals directly.

Price base: There are three options: subtotal, subtotal+cleaning fee, subtotal+cleaning fee+refubdable deposit.

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