It is the same as adding a For Sale listing except for the pricing section when adding a Rental Listing.

When in Pricing, click the button For Rent.

There are ten fields visible:

Default Pricing Plan (currency): This is the default plan for this property and is when there are no specific rental pricing plans (date specific). The price will be automatically formatted. You must enter a numeric price with two decimal places. So if you enter 12345.67 here, it will appear as 12,345.67 on your property details.

Per: Select from a dropdown box: night, week, month, year or bed.

Per Guest Prices (currency):     Additional prices for extra people apply if “per night” is selected.                                                                                                                                     

Additional Plans:     If you want to set up other or seasonal plans, click this link. A +Add new plan will appear. Click the button.   You can then select date ranges and set prices and all other functions under the default pricing plan.

Allow Instant Booking:  Check this box, and users can reserve this property directly from the website.

Max Occupants:  This is the maximum number of people this property can accept.

Min Nights To Stay: Minimum number of nights to rent this property. Users cannot rent for a period lower than this number (of nights).

Cleaning Fee (currency): Cleaning fee.

Refundable Deposit (currency): The security fee, this Deposit will be refunded on checkout.

Reservation Fee: Non Refundable Deposit for this property (overrides default setting). The reservation fee is used chiefly to charge for online reservations.

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