Manage Properties

Welcome back to Propesy. We shall look at Manage Properties. You will find the “Manage Properties” link in the left sidebar. Click the link.

You will see ten links across the top of the page. By the side of these will display the relative numbers associated with the name.

  • All Properties:
  • Rentals:
  • Buying:
  • Inactive:
  • Featured:
  • Reduced:
  • Expiring:
  • Expired:
  • XML Listing:
  • Show:

There is a search box that works with a reference number.

There are then ten columns:

Image, Ref Id, Title, Active, Owner, Expires, Price, Actions, XML(*) Home Page(*).

You can order these columns by clicking the title in ascending or descending order. Or, in the case of XML and Home page, you can order them to see which properties are on the XML feed or the home page and which are not.

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